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Principal’s Message

Prof. Ratneshwar Pd. Jaiswal
Principal, R. Lal College, Lakhisarai

This institution has been trying to cultivate teaching-learning opportunities as per the demand of the emerging trend of changing and innovative technology used in the field of higher education. It also provides valuable education and shapes academic careers incorporating ethical and moral ethos in the personality development of the students. The faculty members also motivate the students to keep the college campus environment friendly by the planting of seedlings. Students are also encouraged to expose their personality through enhancing communicative skills and increasing knowledge base for accomplishing the challenges of capabilities in the job market. The priority of sustainable higher education is accorded through organizing seminars, symposiums, and conferences for students and encourages faculty members to participate in the induction program, orientation program, and refresher courses to develop research capabilities on new dimensions of issues and approaches on various subject matters of different disciplines of  Humanities,  Social Sciences, Sciences, Commerce. The college is dedicated to turning the demographic evident into manpower capital by incorporating retraining, reskilling through creating an innovative knowledge base in higher education as per the demand of the hours for multidimensional development of the country. It is formulated counseling cells to guide students for shaping a good academic career to orient towards entering job markets. Anti-ragging, anti-sexual cells have been set up in the college so that no senior students can make ragging of newly admitted students and the anti-sexual cell is always aware that no male student can make sexual harassment to female students and staffs on the college campus. If any persons are found to make sexual harassment with female students and the staffs or if any female students or staffs make complaints regarding sexual harassment against any male students and staffs, the college administration, redressal cell, and discipline committee take stern action against those students and staffs who are found involved in sexual activities with female members. The cultural committee has also been formulated to organize a cultural program from time to time in the college. Debate and quiz committees are also accountable to organize discussions, deliberation, and quiz on different burning and current issues to expose communicative skills among the students. Grievance Cell has been constituted to redress the grievances of the students regarding proper implementation of the classes, sports facilities, drinking water, sanitary problems, etc. of the campus. The athletic committee is also formulated to organize sports tournaments, annual sports as per the calendar of the university for the multidimensional development of students despite academic activities.

Finally, the college administrations are always aware that if any emerging paradigm shifts are made either by the university service commission or the government of Bihar in the realm of higher education an attempt is made to incorporate in the college curriculum as per its directives for the overall development of the college.

The digitalization process is promoted in the college. Online admission and filing of examination forms from intermediate to degree classes are made to make transparent and convenient in the modernization model of higher education.

Adequate library facilities are also provided to students and teachers by issuing text and reference books for their study and their preparation of examination and research activities.
Practical classes are also conducted by the faculty members as per the syllabus of different classes and an attempt is made to cover their syllabus during the stipulated time.

The overall development of the institute is to create awareness and to prepare honest and dutiful civil citizens, scientists, doctors, engineers, civil servants, etc. with dedication and sacrifice including moral ethics and values.